Hello! Do you love your rainy day?  

Pare umbrella is located in rainy city Seattle. Every year when the rainy season comes around, we are saddened by the onset of the gray skies, soggy wet outdoors jackets and dull umbrellas. Why not use something on a wet day that will cheer you up, bring fun and excitement to every rainy season.

 Fashion and fun bound, Pare umbrella flew to Tokyo for some umbrella inspiration. In Tokyo umbrellas are unique, hip, fun and elegant. There umbrellas are often selected as an essential part to an outfit, personality or mood.

Modern, chic umbrellas have been carefully and thoughtfully selected for their original design and color. Umbrellas can change your mood, likewise a good choice in an umbrella can lead you to an exciting new day.

 A cheerful, lovely umbrella on a gray rainy day can have a contagious effect on those around you. Wouldn't it be nice to have everyone around you enjoying the rain as much as you? You'll soon be looking forward to the next day of rain.

Satoko* Owner