Umbrella care:

Our umbrellas are designed to protect you from rain. Please use and enjoy. However they are also piece of fine fashion that can also be considered fragile and delicate.  Here are some tips to help maintain your umbrella.

  • When the wind gets gusty, please close your umbrella immediately to protect it.

  • Do not use the umbrellas as walking stick or cane.

  • Be cautious of the pointy tips when opening and closing the umbrellas.

  • Avoid leaving your umbrella in places like a hot car for prolonged period of time. Extreme temperatures or sun can damage materials or fade colors.

  • Umbrella prefer a shady place to dry rather than direct sunlight or high heat.

  • When umbrella fabric get dirty, use water or mild soap with cloth or sponge to gently dab and wash. Please do not rub as this may deteriorate the water proofing on the fabric.

How to fold an umbrella video.